The Department of Anesthesia of Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center will be competitive in the delivery of high standard quality of anesthesia care through a fully equipped modern anesthesia equipment and facilities recognized for innovative patient-centered services.


To lead in the delivery of high-quality standard anesthesia care to its clients by engaging empowered, compassionate and highly skilled anesthesia personnel, offering professional training and conducting relevant researches.


  1. ServiceTo provide best possible anesthesia service to all patients.
  2. Competency
    1. Training

      To provide the best possible training for residents in the field of Anesthesiology and to produce competent Anesthesiologists.

    2. Research

      To encourage, engage and support residents’ endeavors by maximizing the use of available resources.

  3. Proper use and maintenance of anesthesia equipment’s including patient monitoring device.


  1. Assessment of, consultation for and preparation of patients for anesthesia.
  2. Determination of the patient’s medical status and developing and prescribing a plan of anesthesia care.
  3. Recording an assessment and an anesthetic plan on the patient’s chart.
  4. Medical management of patients and the anesthetic plan for the planned procedure including obtaining consults as necessary.
  5. Post-anesthetic evaluation and treatment.
  6. On-site medical direction of any non-physician who participates in the delivery of anesthesia care to the patient. This includes but is not limited to, anesthesiologist assistants as well as residents of other sub-specialty.
  7. Pre-operative pain management.
  8. All aspects of pain management when treating non-surgical pain.
  9. Management of the hospitalized patient and/or critically ill patient when practicing hospital or critical care medicine.
  10. Management of pre-operative patient safety.
  11. Operating suite, ambulatory surgery center, and practice management.
  12. Setting standards and policies for the administration of sedation and anesthesia and procedural sedation throughout hospitals and ambulatory center.